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With over 15 years’ experience in the metal trading business, the Metaenterprices Group has built an extensive knowledge about the metal and mining industries, supplying reliable materials to its customers globally.

We supply a range of Zinc, Aluminium, Lead and Copper products, sourced from reliable producers that adhere to international government regulations.

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  • ZINC

    • Special High Grade Zinc
    • Zinc Alloys
    • Zinc Residues
      1. Fine Zinc Skimmings (Ash)
      2. Treated Zinc Skimmings (Ash)
      3. Untreated Zinc Skimmings (Ash)
      4. Zinc Top Dross
      5. Zinc Bottom Dross

    • Aluminium Ingots
    • Aluminium Profiles
    • Aluminium Used Beverage Cans
    • Aluminium Wires
  • LEAD

    • Lead Ingots
    • Lead Alloys

    • Copper Cloves
    • Copper Millberry
    • Copper Wires

Hot-Dip Galvanising

Hot-dip galvanising is a metal coating process which offers long term, cost-effective protection against corrosion. This method involves ‘dipping’ the steel object into a bath of molten zinc of around 450oc to form a very strong coating that lasts for up to 50 years. This coating makes zinc highly favoured by the galvanising industry.

After the coating process and the metal is removed from the bath, residues are created from combinations of the molten zinc reacting with the steel and the environment. The resulting products are Skimmings, Ashes and Dross that are further processed to value-added goods. This helps reduce production waste that stems from galvanising as the residues contain metal materials that can be recycled and reused.

We source our products from reliable galvanisers with years of experience in the industry. Our galvanisers use the latest technology in hot-dip Galvanising which results in good coating quality and creates residues with lesser impurities. These are highly demanded by our customers as the products provide them with cost-benefits assigned to the processing of the zinc materials for further production.

A few industries that benefit from our products:






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Aluminium Profiles

Did you know Zinc:

Is the 2nd most traceable metal in the human body, following iron.

Is very essential for children’s growth and adult reproduction.

Deficiency can lead to Anorexia, diarrhoea, growth restriction and impaired immune function.

Is found in many things in our daily life; cells in the human body, animals, health supplements and everyday products such as sunblock, paint, vehicles and cosmetics.