Our Policies


As a certified ISO company, we pride ourselves in making sure that the environment comes first. We endeavour to ensure our products comply with UK and international laws of environmental agencies and our ISO 9001 registration ensures approved quality of goods that directly reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Waste Regulations:

Certificate of Registration under the Waste in England and Wales Regulations 2011.

Environmental hazards / accidents:

Compliance with the health and safety procedures to avoid any accidents, they are also well trained to handle the material with safety avoiding any spillage or accident of material which may cause hazard to the environment.

We are fully aware and equipped with the EU REACH regulations and further UK REACH regulations after Brexit.


A member of the GALVANIZERS ASSOCIATION For trustworthy transparent galvanising services.

Please visit www.galvanizing.org.uk for more information.


In addition to our contribution to the environment and customer care, our suppliers also adhere to the environmental norms required of galvanising plants, keeping up to date with qualified staff who handle hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

Confirmation of suppliers’ manufacturing process with the latest hot-dip galvanising technology is established which reduces time for zinc recovery and decreases environmental pollution.